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Congratulations, it is the final week of the STRONG Challenge! Over the past five weeks, you’ve developed your STRONG toolkit (Goals, Play, Rest, Connect, and Serve), and this week, we want to celebrate your successes!
In our fast-paced society, we seem always to be focused on the future. When a goal has been reached, we quickly move on to the next, often with no celebration. This week, in addition to your 20-minute fitness goals, we encourage you to slow down to appreciate and celebrate your success.
You’ve achieved so much over the past several weeks, and as our Challenge comes to a close, we hope that the new habits you created remain long into the future. 



  • Go on a hike or take a stroll through the park
  • Watch a sunrise or a sunset
  • Connect with friends (virtually) for a game night
  • That new hobby you’ve always been interested in but never started? Give it a try!
  • Start a journal – write about how it FEELS to have made it through the STRONG journey
  • Meditate
  • Dance
  • Cook or order your favorite meal 
  • Relax! Stretch out on the couch and read your favorite book 
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Go outside at night and look at the stars
  • Turn off your phone for 30 minutes and focus on yourself                                                                                                  If you enjoyed using that tracking sheet keep using it in the future.  Download your tracking sheet here and remember to post it in a prominent place.  Keep your accountability buddy to make sure you’re both keeping on track!                            Continue to check our events listing at bbjymca.org/events for family activities and other local events at visitmorgancountyIN.com!

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