Community Needs Coordinator

Reports To: Operations Director

Job Category: Professional

Full Time – Exempt

Position Goal is to Support Mission of increased financial capabilities and job readiness skills of individuals and families in Morgan County.

Qualifications: Prefer bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Finance, or Social Work. Experience may substitute for education. Candidate must possess excellent communications skills, problem-solving, ability to multi-task, and use critical thinking skills.

Position Summary: The Community Needs Coordinator provides direct coaching services to individuals and families with low to moderate incomes in Morgan County. The coach will provide a combination of financial coaching and employment coaching to increase financial capability and job readiness skills and lead the marketing efforts of the Y.

Job Responsibilities: 1. Provide one-on-one financial coaching to individuals and families, including assessing financial situations and helping clients to develop realistic spending, savings, and debt management plans, improving or building credit, developing emergency savings funds, and building assets. 2. Teach financial education/workshops/classes. 3. Promote the services of the position by attending community meetings and presenting to area organizations. 4. Advocate for affordable financial products and services on behalf of low to moderate-income families. 5. Provide job coaching, follow up, and retention services. 6. Work with area employers to identify specific skills they are seeking and developing a process for residents to acquire those skills. 7. Collaborate with local community partner organizations to ensure that families are accessing appropriate resources across the county. 8. Assist with organizing job fairs for residents where new job opportunities are presented. 9. Build relationships with service providers, as necessary, to refer individuals to existing job readiness and job training services within the community. 10. Provide reports and data on a timely basis as needed by project partners and funders. 11.Manage outcome tracking and documentation requirements within the Charity Tracker database. 12.Analyze data, process, and results and improving the process as necessary. 

The preceding job responsibilities are not intended to be an exhaustive list of tasks and functions for this position. Other tasks and functions may be assigned as needed to fulfill the mission of the organization. Send resume and letter of interest to Dave Nash at 

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